Welcome to THE DUNHILL MEDICAL TRUST (DMT), a UK-based charitable company limited by guarantee (registered company number 7472301; registered charity number 1140372). The Trust has an annual investment income of approximately £3 million from which it makes charitable grants.

All DMT’s grant-making is governed by the Charitable Objects set out within the Trust’s Articles of Association, the full details of which can be found in the GRANT-MAKING POLICY.

Within the Charitable Objects the Trust has decided that priorities for funding should reflect the national demographic of an increasingly ageing population, i.e.

  • care of older people, including rehabilitation and palliative care;
  • research into the causes and treatments of disease, disability and frailty related to ageing;

Guided by these priorities the focus for activity will be:

  • the development of new and innovative projects
  • pump-priming projects that have the potential to develop and attract other sources of funding
  • developing research capacity within the medical, clinical, and scientific community, particularly where this relates to issues of ageing and older people.

The Dunhill Medical Trust always receives many more applications than it has the funds to support. Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the Trust and a detailed assessment has been made, the Trust may still be unable to provide a grant.

More information about the different types of work we support may be found by clicking on WHAT DO WE FUND. Elsewhere on this website you will find information about grants made by the Trust in the last three years, how to approach the Trust for charitable support, and the criteria that all applications need to satisfy.

The Dunhill Medical Trust is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities AMRC and a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) recognised non-commercial partner.

The Dunhill Medical Trust is also a member of a consortium of UK biomedical and health research funders that contribute to the funding of Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), a web based information resource that provides open access to information sources for biomedical and health researchers.

Note: The DUNHILL MEDICAL TRUST is not responsible for the content or integrity of third party internet sites.

  1. Terms and Conditions for General Grants
  2. Terms and Conditions for Research & Research-related Grants